Saturday, 2 December 2017

Come along and hear Shir Hever on the privatisation of Israeli security

Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign is hosting Israeli economist Shir Hever in Aberdeen on Thursday 7 Dec, 7 pm: UNITE offices, 43-44 King Street, AB24 5TJ

Shir Hever is speaking across Scotland about his new book that analyses the impact of Palestinian resistance on Israeli occupation and U.S. military aid. He shows how the Israeli security elites turn violence into a commodity. This is highly relevant here in Scotland as Israeli hyper-surveillance systems (NICE Safe Cities Solutions) are piloted in Glasgow.

SPSC believes it's crucial not just to get angry at Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people but to take effective, collective action based on an understanding of the forces at work in the Middle East, Washington and Europe. That's why they bring experts in their fields to sustain an informed conversation in Scotland on Palestine.

Shir Hever is an economic researcher based at the Alternative Information Centre in Jerusalem. He is the author of The Privatisation of Israeli Security (Pluto, 2017) and The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation (Pluto, 2010).

Between 1994-2014, Israel’s security service was transformed, becoming one of the most extreme examples of privatised security in the world. This book is an investigation into this period and the conditions that created ‘Occupation Inc.’: the institution of a private military-security-industrial complex. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

St Andrew's Day Rally: It May Be Cold Weather, But It's a Warm Message of Solidarity

St Andrew's Day rally speakers. A cold day, but a warm message of solidarity.
Posted by Aberdeen Trades Union Council on Saturday, 25 November 2017
It was a chilly November day for this year's St Andrew's day rally in Aberdeen, organised by Aberdeen Trades Union Council, but nevertheless we had a good turnout of people to support the event and to hear the speakers.

Regrettably we had been unable to start the rally with our usual march from St Nicholas Kirk, due to the prohibitive costs (in the region of £3,000!) of gaining a road closure order and therefore this year we only had the rally at Castlegate. We will investigate what could be done for next year to allow us to reinstate the march.

Nevertheless, this years national theme of No Racism: Educate, Agitate, Organise allowed us to hear from a variety of speakers, including Kate Ramsden (UNISON), Tommy Campbell (Unite), Lewis Macdonald MSP, and Fiona Napier (SPSC), who all took the microphone to denounce racism and promote equality, fairness, and justice for all citizens of Scotland.

We also gave a live Facebook broadcast of the speakers this year, so you can hear what they had to say in the video on the left. 💓

Friday, 24 November 2017

Kathleen speaks out at the STUC disabled workers conference

Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy, Vice President had a busy time as she represented the ATUC at the STUC disabled workers’ conference in November.

As well as moving the ATUC motion  Kathleen spoke in three other debates.

She said, “It was a sheer delight to be there participating on behalf of the North East of Scotland.

“Throughout the conference, there was a lot of enthusiasm that was infectious and you could see how everyone was willing to take part and encouraged each other to do so.

“As disability and work related issues is one of my specialist areas I was determined to take part.”

The ATUC motion called on the STUC to look at giving additional speaking time to people with communication disabilities at STUC conferences and to encourage other affiliated unions to do this also.

Kathleen said, “This is something that I am very passionate about as I have noticed in many conferences I have attended that I am sometimes the only person or one of only a few people with a communication disability speaking. I felt it was very important that we encourage and enable more people with communication disabilities to feel able to take part.”

The motion was approved and was put to the STUC Disabled Workers Committee to implement.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Join us for the St Andrew's Day Rally on 25th November at 12 noon in the Castlegate, Aberdeen

Please come along to the Aberdeen's St Andrew's Day Rally on Saturday 25th November 2017 at 12 noon in the Castlegate.

Please note that there will be no march this year due to prohibitive cost.

Organised by Aberdeen Trades Union Council, this year's St Andrew's Day event will once again celebrate the diversity of the North East of Scotland. It will call on us all to "Educate, Agitate and Organise" to bring an end to racism and fascism and to fight for equality and social justice for all.

ATUC joint president, Kevin Hutchens said, "We would like as many people as possible to join us for this rally to give a clear message that we still keep alive the proud history of the North East of Scotland of fighting fascism and racism wherever it rears its ugly head.

"We will hear from a range of speakers from community groups and local politicians, all giving this same message. Please come along."

Thursday, 9 November 2017

ATUC members congratulate Kathleen on her election to the STUC Disabled Workers' Committee and Congress

Aberdeen Trade Union Council vice-president, Kathleen Kennedy has been elected unopposed onto the STUC Disabled Workers' Committee and to represent them at the STUC Annual Congress.

Kevin Hutchens, joint president said, "Kathleen was nominated by the ATUC to these roles and we are delighted with her success.

"Congratulations have flooded in from ATUC members and we know that Kathleen will do a great job representing the ATUC and disabled members in Scotland.

"We send Kathleen our very best wishes in these roles."

Saturday, 28 October 2017


You are warmly invited to attend an evening to honour Aberdeen's International Brigaders on November 24, 2017 at 6.45pm in Aberdeen Town House Council Chambers.  

This will be followed by Music from 9pm at The Rusty Nail, 67 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen.

The programme for the evening is as follows:

6.45pm Teas & Coffee

7pm Introduction by Tommy Campbell, Chair of Aberdeen 15th International Brigade Committee and welcome from the  Lord Provost

7.15 pm Presentation by Nina Londragan on the Aberdeen International Brigaders and their Connections to the First and Second World Wars as well as the Spanish Civil War followed by Question & Answers.

8pm Songs & Poems.

Please let Tommy Campbell know if you are planning to get along to either or both of these events.

Next ATUC Delegates meeting on Wednesday 1st November 2017 at 7.30pm

The next ATUC Delegates meeting will be held on Wednesday 1 November 2017 at 7.30pm within the ATUC premises at 22A Adelphi Aberdeen. 

As the 150th Anniversary of the ATUC in 2018 comes ever closer, this will be a key agenda item. This years St Andrews Day march and rally will also be on the Agenda.. 

We hope as many Delegates as possible can make it along.