Sunday, 30 October 2016

Sign the petiton against the "Brand Israel" Shalom event in Aberdeen and write to your MPs and MSPs

Following on from our previous post (see below), SPSC Aberdeen has started a petition to urge the Hilton Treetops Hotel to cancel the  “Shalom – A Taste of Israel” event, organised by the Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland and StandWithUs UK, on Wednesday November 2nd.

Please sign the Coordin8 letter here:

Please also send a letter to Aberdeenshire MPs and MSPs, asking them to support Palestinian rights and oppose the 'Brand Israel' event:

If the event is not cancelled the demo will go ahead on Wednesday 2nd November at 6pm, Hilton Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen (161 Springfield Road) Please get along if you can.

Please also sign both letters and share as widely as possible!!

1 comment:

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