Officers of Aberdeen TUC

Officers of Aberdeen TUC 2018/19

Elected at the 2018 AGM on 14th March 2018

Kathleen Kennedy, Aberdeenshire UNISON 
Donna Clark, Unite
Fiona Napier, UNISON SEPA
Morag Lawrence, Aberdeenshire UNISON
Colin Jones, UNISON Aberdeen Universities
(Job Share)
Steve Gray, Aberdeenshire  UNISON
John Connon, Aberdeen City UNISON

*Note: All these post holders are Trustees and are also Executive Committee Members. This includes all those in Joint or Job Share roles.

Signatories to ATUC Accounts

Colin Jones, Kathleen Kennedy, Donna Clark, Fiona Napier

Key Holders

Brian Carroll, John Connon, Colin Jones, Tommy Campbell, Fiona Napier and Doug Haywood.


ATUC Office bearers

Executive Committee 

ATUC Office Bearers plus:
  • Scott Sutherland, Unite
  • Jim Neave, CWU
  • Jurgen Thomanek
  • Laura McDonald, UNISON Grampian Health
  • Gemma Clark, Unite
  • Kate Ramsden, Aberdeenshire UNISON


ATUC Accountants & External Auditors

  • MINT Accounting

Internal Auditor

  • Mark Chapman, PCS

Annual Report Editorial Team

To be agreed

Consultative Members

Jurgen Thomaneck, Lewis MacDonald MSP, Dame Anne Begg, Catherine Stihler MEP, George Esson, Lord Robert Hughes, Kevin Hutchens, Cllr Alison Evison and Maggie Chapman.

STUC Delegation 2018

  • Kathleen Kennedy, UNISON (Delegation leader)
  • Tyrinne Rutherford, Unite
  • Fiona Napier, UNISON

Officer & Delegate Expenses 

Any expenses incurred while undertaking duties approved by council on behalf of the ATUC may be reclaimed using the attached form: